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  • Why should I create a platform? Isn’t my facebook community enough?
    Facebook is a wonderful platform, but its algorithm is updated frequently, exposure and engagement can increase and decline, and its terms and policies can also change. Putting all your eggs in one basket, you might end up with nothing. This is why we recommend that you create as many sustainable digital assets for your community as you can, which will bolster one another while serving different purposes. Eventually, your community will benefit from this, and so will you. Comonetize enables easy managing of user information; allows community members to introduce themselves optimally to their ideal reference group and lets you set up a vibrant and valuable community board, for jobs, opportunities etc.
  • How does monetization in Comonetize work and what is the greatest value we provide for our community leaders?
    On Comonetize community leaders can start monetizing immediately. You set up your community platform, choose the relevant business model, set the rates, and invite people to join you. We collect payments for you and issue invoices. You press “Collect” whenever you choose, and we transfer the money to you. ​
  • How do I find the relevant business model for my community?
    Every community is unique. As community leaders, we have to ask ourselves: Who receives the most value from my community? Who will be willing to pay for the services and benefits my community provides? Can I produce great value without charging the community members themselves?
  • Here are a few examples of community business models:
    I lead a huge community of Java developers. Many recruiters visit our community platform to post job offers. Java developers’ placement is extremely expensive. Can we invite our community members to use a professional index and charge recruiters for posting a job ad on our platform? We probably can. ​ I lead a community of freelancers who provide content services. Every project that is posted on our wall translates into a considerable sum of money. Should I offer a premium membership subscription to my community members to get their profiles promoted with enhanced access to potential clients? I probably should. We’re leading a community of women who live in the same city. We’re always happy to support and root for each other by purchasing services from other community members. The members are connected to the community and gladly help one another. Will they be willing to pay a modest monthly sum so that we can hire a paid community manager or get paid for our efforts? They probably will. ​ I'm a community manager for an organization with several thousands of employees. It’s important to us that they are the first to be informed about new opening positions, discounts, and coupons and that they can easily connect with one another. Since the platform provides great value for the workers, the organization will happily fund it. ​ We are a union of workers in a certain field. It’s important to us that there is a sort of directory of employees who have received training through the union. We’d like to charge a monthly fee from group members to fund activity that they benefit from. Will they pay for such services? They probably will.
  • What business models does Comonetize offer?
    1) Charging for ads posted on the community board 2) Charging regular membership fees 3) Providing a variety of premium services for an additional fee 4) A community payment page to collect payment for events, products etc.
  • How do I know if Comonetize suits my needs?
    Can the people in my community benefit from a platform where they can introduce themselves professionally to other community members? Are there people or businesses that could profit from direct access to your community members and are willing to pay for this access? Do you need a simple and convenient way to communicate with your community members and send them info and updates? Do you need a way to collect money from community members but have no financial entity to do it?
  • How soon will I start seeing profits on Comonetize?
    Immediately. You can begin to charge fees as soon as you’ve chosen a business model and invited your community members to join. Most of our communities turn a profit within a week of employing the fee-charging business model. The secret is to customize your business model to fit your community, and we’re sure you’ll nail it.
  • How do I create a community in Comonetize?
    Comonetize is an ideal tool for existing communities. This short video will walk you through the technicalities.
  • Ok, I’ve set up the platform. How do I get it going and how many hours a week will I need to put into it?"
    The time will vary as your community grows. When your platform is still new, you’ll need some time to implement it and have the members of your existing community get accustomed to this new feature. Naturally, you’ll want to put more time into it at this early stage, which we estimate at 2–3 hours a day. This time will be invested in Inviting new members to join Inviting advertisers and relevant recruiters to post on your job board Posting for them for free, if they’re hesitant, until they come to appreciate the value that’s in it for them and hop on board Give props to community members who opened swanky profile pages Post events and content to the featured blog and event board Spread the word about our new platform in your community and in others
  • How do I boost member engagement?
    The key word is “value”. It is crucial to provide community members with value: Allow to open profiles and get props by other community members Provide exclusive opportunities they wouldn’t have got otherwise Enable members to recommend and to receive recommendations Our community platform underlines/encouraged member engagement and members should know that putting an effort into creating a rich profile will eventually pay off. Some ways of boosting engagement in your community: Repost to facebook interesting job ads that were posted to your Comonetize community boards When a new member joins the community, introduce them to the rest of the members and share their profile. Recommend community members that you are personally acquainted with Host an “awesomest profile” contest with premium-membership giveaways Go live and explain how much it's going to help the community.
  • What happens if I want to move out?
    You can export all the basic user data in one click.
  • What happens if I want to close the site?
    Since it is not a shop, but a subscription platform and job board, the time period users pay for has to expire. The site is closed to future payments once you ask to stop the service, and after the timeframe is concluded, it is then taken off the air. All this happens based on the request of the community manager, with full support throughout the process.
  • What happens if I want to offer free and paid tiers in community?
    In terms of free tiers, our platform allows you to opt for one of three options: free for everyone, everyone pays, or (the most popular option) offer certain features as premium features ("freemium"), so everyone can join for free, but paying members get more options based on the community manager's selection. For example, exclusive or early access to job ads, getting recommendations from other members, offering coupons, etc.
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