A step by step guide to create the best community site with Comonetize

Deadlines are important! Set up a day for launching your site

It's a well-known fact that we all tend to procrastinate. Set a date for your launch. Do it. No, really, do it.

Setup your community

Now that you created your community, it's time to make it better. * Upload a logo and cover photo * Add a title to the site * Design your community the way you want To see a full tutorial on how to edit your community, check the video here:

Now that you have some members in the index and some ads on the board, let’s start!

Start by inviting the members of your facebook group or mailing list.
If the ads that you posted for the recruiters are appealing, post them in the facebook group. On your dashboard you’ll find an "Invite" button

You can invite members to join by sending individual e-mails or by importing an Excel spreadsheet.

Make sure you edit the template of the invitation letter so that it’s still personal.

Let community members know about your platform

The best way is to create a teaser post. You can also post an invitation such as this example.

Wait, will my Comonetize platform replace my facebook group?

We won’t replace facebook as a platform for your community’s conversation. We will help to overcome some of the challenges that you face as a community leader. Comonetize is a complementary platform to facebook that allows you not to put all your eggs in one basket, while providing you with a one stop shop for the community marketplace.
With Comonetize you can expose your members to opportunities they get directly to their inbox; they are updated on community news, can find all the community events and news in one place and maintain their own professional profile.

Start growing the number of subscribers to your site

The better way would be to ask them questions or to engage them in a way that embeds the value the platform will give from : “What is your professional super-power?”
“Please comment with a link to your professional site”
“If you could open a professional profile in our community’s board, would you do it?”

This will enhance the reach of the specific post, letting more people know about your new platform.

Maintain activity and preserve engagement

  • Create an announcement with an eye-catching photo
  • Share all new ads to the FB community
  • Give kudos to members who invested time in creating a great profile
  • Comment on members’ posts seeking advice on professional and occupational issues and invite them to the platform
  • Go live or create a short webinar on how to create a great profile
  • Maintain good relationships with recruiters that posted on the board. Ask them for their opinions and post those that are positive to the group
  • If you present questions to new community members, one of them should be asking for their e-mail address in order to send them an invitation

Teach the recruiters to use the new platform - get them accustomed to it

Most recruiters will copy-paste an existing ad to your group’s facebook wall or settle for sharing a post on their company page in your group. Since this is not an option with Comonetize, we’ll have to show recruiters the value they get.

First, we identify the most attractive ads that are likely to get more members to register. Is it a relocation position at Google? Let’s post it on our board for Google. Many applicants will respond, and next time it will be easier to get Google’s recruiters to post this job themselves.

Keep reminding

We need to remind both recruiters and members that we have a great platform created especially for them. As soon as they start getting great job offers and great applicants through this platform, they’ll thank you and start posting ads on their own.

Identify great jobs and projects and post them on your board

Every job attracts new members that are eager to apply to it. But to apply they have to connect and create a profile. When the next ad is posted, they’ll be notified by e-mail. The more applicants there are, the greater the value that the recruiters gain. So they’ll post more ads, which will, in turn, attract more members. This cycle feeds itself. This is our growth flywheel.

Use different channels to attract more users

  • Build an email list. We’re sure you can find at least a hundred relevant people even among your personal Gmail contacts.
  • When an attractive job is posted on your platform, you can share it in different groups that relate to your community’s theme.
  • Ask your community’s “ambassadors” to recommend your platform to their friends and followers. You can offer them a free premium subscription in return.
  • Launch a contest between your users for “Best Looking Profile”, “Most Recommendations Received” etc.
  • You can award winners with a premium subscription.
  • Tell your community about interesting jobs.
  • Let them know about great professional matches made through the platform.
  • Are you receiving great feedbacks in private messages? Paste them on your community’s wall.
  • Create a webinar about how and why to join.

Share these great jobs or opportunities back on facebook

Each ad has its own URL.
All you need to do is copy and paste it. Want more reach? Select a great photo and add the link to the text

You might want to tag relevant community members or even start with a relevant question before even pasting the link:

"Is there a French proofreader in the audience?”

Community members will then tag their friends and you’ll paste the job ad URL as a reply to the relevant people.

Can recruiters post a job anonymously?

Of course. By checking or unchecking two boxes they may post anonymously:
Uncheck “I want this ad to appear on my page”
and check “Hide publisher’s title”

for the ad to appear without the advertiser’s title

Can community members choose not to appear in the index?

Yes. They can go to “settings” and press “hide my profile”. This will hide the profile from the index but won’t delete it.

Get help starting up from people you trust

No one likes to be the first to show up at the party

But it’s your party and your best friend, brother, sister, cousin or husband can fill up your site when it’s still empty. Make sure you have at least ten good profiles before you invite people you don’t know yet.

“Hi Donna! I just launched a new platform, and since you’re my best friend, it would mean a lot to me if you registered and opened a profile. How about it?”

Reach out for recruiters and companies that we know

Recruiters have one job, and that’s to find employees. They would publish an ad on a board on the moon if they knew they’d get applicants.

Private-message three or four recruiters and offer to post their ads for them on your board.
Why should I do it for them?
No one likes to work hard on something they had never tried before. You’ll have to give them a hand at least in the beginning
What does it mean?
Add the jobs for them, with their logo and everything; then open an awesome recruiter profile for them. Post two or three ads for each of the four recruiters and you’ve already got an established board.

Explore the map of interests of your community

Who'd be willing to pay and what for? For example, if you lead an algorythm developers community, a recruiter will be willing to pay a lot to reach out to them. If your community is a freelance content professionals community, these professionals will gladly pay to get early access to projects.

Make an example of your own profile

You’ve just launched your community but the only profile there is yours

First, just because it’s momentarily alone, doesn’t mean it can’t dress up. Make an example of your profile! Upload your photo, a cover photo; write something about yourself, select tags, add links and photos