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Product and features


Immediate monetization 

When you set up your site on Comonetize, you are asked to select your preferred monetization channels and set the prices for every option. 

  • How much will you charge businesses or recruiters to post on your board?

  • What type of subscription programs do you wish to engage and for how much?

Once you published your site- you're ready to go! You don't need to connect to a Stripe or PayPal merchant. 

We take care of everything! we issue the invoices, we collect the money, and we pay you when you choose to collect. it's as simple as that.

*You can also create a dedicated payment page for any payments you might need to receive.


A branded site up and running in a minute

When you set up your site on Comonetize, you choose your preferred language, you upload your graphics, you select your preferred colors, you get a free subdomain and you actually have a community talent marketplace site up and running in less than two minutes. 

You can modify everything later. Here are some design tips that can help you set up your beautiful marketplace site


A directory of your community's professionals or businesses 

You've created an amazing targeted group of professionals or businesses and the most natural thing now is to create an organized directory so they can get business offers and opportunities.

When you set up your site, you easily create category tags for your members, and you customize which type of e-mail notifications they can select from.

For example: in a community of graphic designers, when members sign up they can select "web designer" as a tag and "Remote/from home" as the mail notification preference. When a relevant opportunity comes up on the board, they'll be notified by e-mail and will be able to apply

Here are some communities that are already working with Comonetize and monetizing their communities


A community board for jobs, projects and opportunities 

The board is interacting with your directory.

Every job ad, opportunity or business offer that comes up on your board is sent by mail to the relevant members that signed in and specified their preferences.

Growth flywheel for your community:
Each ad on the board gets a unique URL so you can share it on your social media channels. 

Only members that registered to your site can see the details and apply for this opportunity.

How do we monetize our board?

1) you can decide on the price you will charge to post the ad on the board (standard of advanced)

2) you can add a priority in applying to job ads or projects as part of the premium features of your premium membership options.


A data management dashboard

Your community's data is yours. 

We'll never use the data of your users.

On your dashboard, you can manage your income, your subscriptions, your users, the ads on your board, all in a simple intuitive way.

You can connect your Google Analytics account and even implement google tools with Google Tag Manager. 


A blog and an event board

You can post blog posts on your board, share your wisdom with community members and even host articles of your community members.

You can add and manage events on the event board (coming soon- ticketing)  


An integrated newsletter system

You can send your members designed newsletters through our integrated newsletter system.

You can target specific audience groups.

You can add content from your site - such as job ads, opportunities, featured community members, blog posts and events.

Learn how


Languages and currencies

We are available in:

  • English

  • Arabic

  • Japanese

  • Portuguese 

  • Hebrew

Our available currencies are 

  • US Dollars

  • Euros

  • Japanese Yen

  • Brazilian Reals

  • Israeli Shekels

Do you wish to launch a marketplace with Comonetize and we're still not available in your language? Contact us to localize

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