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What are the design guidelines for making a great website on Comonetize?

You're all set up, and you want to have the best community site ever. Let's see how you do it right.

Use an eye-catching cover for your site

Use an image that clearly suggests what this community is all about. it's better to keep it simple. A good designer can help you with that. You can find free images and get inspired in image stocks such as Pixabay on Unsplash.

It's quite clear that this is a fitness trainers site, right?

You can't miss the fact that this community is about beauty

Here are some DJs

Use a clear, square logo

It's super important that your community members will recognize it, but it also have to be clear, simple, and square. Make sure that the logo colors and the cover colors complement each other.

Buttons and background color

You can either stick to the cover or logo color, or you can use a complementing color for your buttons. Here's a great example: See how the pink complements the light blue.

Stay close

make sure you create a site that will be similar to your community in the other platforms. Your community members need to recognize you and "feel at home".

Look at those prints:

Your own profile

People look up to you, and you should set an example. make sure you take care of your profile, by adding cover image, links, your short bio, etc.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out :)

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