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Monetize your community by monetizing recruiting activity

Updated: Mar 4, 2019

Recruiters have one job. And they have to do it well.

They need to provide their company with the best worker they can get. It may seem like a simple task, but the numbers show it takes a significant effort and a whole lot of money.

Global annual expenses spent on recruiting are about $500 billion (yes, that's 500,000,000,000!) and grow yearly by 5%.

Recruiters are constantly on the lookout for accessible hacks that will help them find their target audience in a single place and, preferably, free of charge! And that's how they end up on your groups.

Researching the web for information, I even encountered some professional recruiting blogs that instruct their readers how to enter closed professional groups ("be creative when you answer the screening questions") and offer suggestions on how to post jobs or reach out for candidates.

"Someone opened a group," they wrote.

And that someone is you.

But you didn't just open it. You put energy and effort to make it what it is, and there's no reason in the world for you no to get a modest share of this HUGE recruiting industry budget.

Facebook groups are a great place for conversation and advice, but recruiting activity is neither.

Nevertheless, it's valuable for the community, and now it can be monetized.

You’ve worked hard enough to bring this fantastic group of designers/programmers/makeup artists together. The appreciation of recruiters will allow you to make it even better.

Comonetize will enable you to put a paywall between your community and recruiters. Let your amazing group stay a safe haven for conversation and consultation, and start monetizing your community.

How does it work?

With just a few clicks, you create a branded platform that offers various payment options of your choice.

YOU select the prices, because you’re the one who knows your community members and their value to recruiters.

So the next time recruiters post an ad in your group, you'll kindly ask them to post it on your Comonetize branded-space link.

They’ll be asked to choose a payment option, and you’ll post their ad in the group once they’re charged.

You don't even need a PayPal account. Comonetize will take care of billing and collection and transfer the payments to you at the end of each month.

And the best thing about it is that when your community members respond to an ad, they’re added to your database. They’ll be invited to open a professional profile and get more opportunities from your community by email notification. Your community will turn into a significant link in their professional chain.

Your community actually becomes yours. You can reach your people by email with Comonetize's integrated newsletter system; they automatically receive notifications of new ads that match their expertise; and they get great value because they can show off their professional skills in their natural habitat: surrounded by their peers.

Visit us at Comonetize and start monetizing your community today.

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