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120,000 makeup artists in one place? meet Yael Ya'acovi

Updated: Jan 30, 2022

Yael Started her community - Anonymous Make-Up Addicts in 2009, in order to give an inspiring home for both professional make-up artist and non-professional beauty enthusiasts. The community members are everyone who loves beauty and make-up, regardless of their gender, profession or age. The community runs on Facebook but there is also a community index and a job board on a separate site. The community size is 123,000, and counting.

What made you start your community?

My community was born in order to give an inspiring home for both professional make-up artist and non-professional beauty enthusiasts. I was managing a make-up community at one of the most popular israeli forums portal when Facebook became 'the new kid on the block'. I just thought I would play around with it for a while...

What were the member’s needs that the community fulfilled? What is the main value it gives to its members?

Answering questions and having a safe place for free discussion

Presenting them with special offers and discounts codes

Giving them an opportunity to find new jobs and costumers

When you started it, did you think it was going to become what it is today, or did you have something else in mind?

I had no clue it would be this huge!

Even though communities are social structures, many activities and connections in the community can be quantified. What’s the main actual value your community provides to its members?

Business opportunities

Business support

Special purchase offers for amateur as well as professional make-up material

Does your community have a business model that helps you grow it? Can you share the main income channels for the community?

I collaborate with beauty companies and engage sponsored activities in the community to promote a product or a line of products, and I also run a professional index site offering jobs and introducing new costumers to the professional members.

What is the main difference between a community manager to a community entrepreneur?

The first one takes care of the community rules and order, the other one thinking about what could be the next big thing for its members.

Can you give 3 tips for community entrepreneurs?

  • Have patience and agile;

  • Be consistent in your decisions;

  • Keep looking for the next challenge.

Visit Yael's community on Facebook

Visit Yael's index site

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