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Why every community leader has to monetize?

Updated: Mar 1, 2019

Life costs money, that’s a fact.

We poured our sweat and blood into our community of professionals, and now it’s amazing, and gives so much value for every community member.

It enables them to network, to find advice and even work.

Recruiters publish job opportunities in your group and get great candidates.

Everyone wins.

But, and there’s a “but”,

it’s so important that you do it seriously, with all your heart, and not as a side project.

Maybe it’s time for you to move to the next level, and turn your community into a business.

Comonetize will enable you to create a great branded index for your professional community, so that each member will be able to show his work and his talents, and even pay you a subscription fee if they wish.

You’ll have a job board where your recruiters can post their offers and manage candidates from your community. of course, they’ll pay you for this opportunity to reach your people so flawlessly.

Don’t worry about paperwork- we take care of all payment issues.

You’ll have an integrated newsletter system, and your own blog and an event board.

We guess now is your time to shine. You’re more then invited to apply for a product tour here

Your future starts now.

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