• Gali Meiri

Community leadership in the Age of Coronavirus

Comonetize logo with a corona mask
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I’m guessing none of us has ever imagined a moment like we’re in, when our role as community leaders suddenly becomes so crucial and vital for the well-being of our community members. Our choice to build a community and inspire its members was a natural one, but until today our community’s activity took place alongside, or as a part of, our members’ busy professional daily routine. This has all changed now. Our online communities have assumed a greater role than they ever had, and our responsibility as their managers has consequently become significantly more crucial for the social, mental, and even financial stability of our community members. We are in the midst of an unprecedented global crisis and the certainty of everything we used to know and do is now compromised. Everyone is feeling unsafe and insecure, and one of the few stable things we still have now is our social peer groups. They’re still here, and they ensure us that we’re not alone—we’re in this together— and that some things are here to stay. Our communities keep us safe. The economic crisis and the stagnation of markets all around the world are affecting the marketplace you’ve launched on Comonetize platform as well. While some communities thrive due to bigger demand for work from home, other communities with members who provide physical services (such as beauticians) are currently paralyzed. For a successful marketplace, we need demand as well as supply, and when this balance changes abruptly, it’s a great challenge for our marketplace. However, Comonetize remains extremely relevant these days, and this is why: 1) There’s an immense feeling of solidarity inside the community. Our community members want to support each other and give work and projects to people they care about, and our index enables them to know exactly what the expertise of each member is.

2) We’re at home, minimizing social interactions, and we use online services much more. This is a good opportunity to invite members to join your site and set up their profiles.

3) We can use Comonetize’s tools to connect with our community members: a. Customize your e-mail templates and add some text that’s relevant to the current situation. Once it’s over, change it back. b. Encourage your members to recommend each other. If you selected “recommendations” as a premium feature, it might be a good idea to open it up to everyone at this time of crisis. This is a good time to say (and hear) positive opinions and thoughts. c. Send a newsletter. Keep in touch with your community members and let them know you care and think about them. d. Premium subscribers might get less value on the platform itself, because there might be fewer opportunities available for them on the board. You can feature them in a special post on your Facebook group or even in the newsletter. Provide them with value in a different way. e. If a job opening or a business opportunity is posted on your board, make sure you post the link back on your social media channel as well, so that you reach as many people as possible and give them an opportunity to apply.

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