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Bringing value to women through community: meet Darya Henig Shaked

Updated: Feb 6, 2022

Darya started WeAct in 2016. She arranged a women's delegation to silicone valley, and wanted the 300 women thatdidn’t get in to be aware of the opportunities and insights they came across. The community grew and it's now more than 3000 members - mostly women in tech and innovation, as well as 10% men, investors. The activity takes place in a Facebook group.

What made you start your community?

I thought it was really important to create a women’s club, where everyone can share opportunities, tools and networks, inspirational stories and research that could help female entrepreneurs grow their startup.

What were the member’s needs that the community fulfilled? What is the main value it gives to its members?

We share opportunities, we inspire, we give access to other founders, managers and investors, the value is the club. See what you can be, ask for advice, recruit, apply etc.

When you started it, did you think it was going to become what it is today, or did you have something else in mind?

Pretty much yes.

Even though communities are social structures, many activities and connections in the community can be quantified. What’s the main actual value your community provides to its members?

Members can reach a large community of like minded female entrepreneurs, support each other, find opportunities, help, mentoring or funding.

Does your community have a business model that helps you grow it?

No business model. No monetization.

Can you give some tips for community entrepreneurs?

  • Find a need you care about

  • Provide value

  • Listen to feedback

  • Develop.

WeAct on Facebook

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