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Community activist: meet Hilla Bakshi

Updated: Jan 30, 2022

Meet Hilla, the founder of "Meetupists" - a community of 12,500 women in tech from various professions in the ecosystem. The community started in March 2019, and is active on Facebook, and it has a popular newsletter.

What made you start your community?

The lack of women I saw in meetups and professional events, and I knew there were many.

What were the member’s needs that the community fulfilled? What is the main value it gives to its members?

I gave them quick access to these events and created a supporting community for them to grow professionally and personally, using the new connections they’ve made.

When you started it, did you think it was going to become what it is today, or did you have something else in mind?

It’s close to what I had in mind, but I never thought it would grow as quickly as it has.

Even though communities are social structures, many activities and connections in the community can be quantified. What’s the main actual value your community provides to its members?

Mainly networking, knowledge and business opportunities.

Does your community have a business model that helps you grow it?

I do collaborations with workshop and professional course’s creators, as well as posting job opportunities in my newsletter, for a fee.

What is the main difference between a community manager to a community entrepreneur?

A community entrepreneur should think of his or her community as a startup, follow the business canvas and include its steps in the community creation, including: define its audience, how to get them, plan its go to market strategy, its unparalleled advantage, build a staff and of course plan a sustainable business model. Otherwise, they will be considered to be another community manager.

Can you give 3-4 tips for community entrepreneurs?

  1. Always ask your “customers” how you can give them more value and iterate accordingly.

  2. Always be on top of your data.

  3. Don’t consider others as your competitors, only business partners you haven’t signed up deals with.

  4. Don’t forget to create a sustainable business model, otherwise, you won’t be able to maintain its existence for long.

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