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Build an online asset and own your community's data

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

Managing an online asset to support your community on social media, makes you the master of your domain and is lucrative both financially and networking-wise. Here's how we do it.

Photo by Renee Fisher on Unsplash

As community leaders, we constantly obsess over our group's analytics. We want to see growth, reach and engagement, and we need to see them increase. We consider this utterly crucial and work hard to make it happen. But behind the dry statistics is a world of data and our access to it is limited.

Who owns this data? Can you export your group member list and personally contact each of your community members through email? Can you determine who your posts reach and manage the level of exposure of the professional content you’ve worked so hard to create?

And when a week goes by and you want to go back to that exceptional post you wrote, which was so helpful for your community members, how far down the group's feed do you have to scroll?

Ask yourself: though you manage your community, do you really own it?

For example, what happens if someone reports your group for some reason and your life's work sinks into oblivion?

Having a platform that allows you to support the lively conversation in your group with professional tools for community leaders is the natural next step.

What are the benefits of having your own platform to work with?

We'll take Comonetize as an example but it’s true for other platforms as well:

1. Provide your community members with a friendly place in which they can create their own valuable online asset—their professional profile in your Comonetize space.

2. Put up a built-in paywall between companies and recruiters and your community members, which will allow you to monetize some of the activities. Get paid for jobs and projects posted on you online board.

3. Communicate with your audience and keep them updated using email marketing—still the most efficient way to go.

4. Data, data, data. This is the key to increase reach, and with Comonetize you'll have automated contact growth tools, making you a significant player in your field of work and provide more value to everyone.

5. Use our remarketing tools to build an audience outside your community.

6. Publish significant posts on your blog granting them eternal life on search engines and exposing them to relevant audiences. You can link your Comonetize blog post to posts you publish in social media groups, introducing your blog readers to your community on social media, and vice versa

7. Embed affiliate links into your blog post. It’s the gift that keeps on giving 😊

So, managing an online asset to support your community on social media is lucrative both financially and networking-wise. We're here to help you turn your community from a side project into a profitable business. Community leader, we're waiting for you at Comonetize

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