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Bringing Real-Estate women closer together - Meet Lynn Steiner and Chen Hershkovitz

Woman talk real-estate is a vivid community that incorporates tens of thousands of women who consult and learn from each other about real estate opportunities and investments. It was launched three years ago, and it takes place on many platforms that allow the community members to interact, meet and collaborate in various ways.

The main platform is a Facebook group that has over 18k members. In addition, they have several WhatsApp groups and a community website that are dedicated to business women in the real estate field. All in all, the community has more than 20K members over all the platforms.

What made you start your community?

For Lynn Steiner the vision began with a personal experience. She made a complicated real estate transaction that included 11 foreclosures and other adventures. After completing the deal many women around her started consulting with her and wanted to get tools to embark on a similar move. She talked to dozens of women and realized that when women do not know something very well they avoid it and the real estate field is a classic example of that.

Chen Hershkovitz was a practicing lawyer in the real estate field. In her everyday work she was exposed to the fact that many of our colleagues were men and that made her think about bringing together women that are interested in real estate, that wish to know more, evolve in the field, buy properties and invest.

Together, we aspire to engage women in the real estate world.

What were the member’s needs that the community fulfilled? What is the main value it gives to its members?

The community was established in purpose of making information accessible, and helping women to lead real estate decisions in their personal life and promoting women professionals in the real estate world.

The community is a welcoming space for women to consult, share information and experiences in the real estate world. It's a place that allows women to contribute to each other, learn and share their knowledge. a place to deepen their knowledge, take control.

When you started it, did you think it was going to become what it is today, or did you have something else in mind?

We can definitely say that the community is everything we dreamed of and we’re thrilled to see the conversation changed and women talk about real estate in confidence, making investments and really taking charge of their financial future. We always dreamed big and still have a bigger vision to fulfill, on our way to making the real estate field equal in Israel.

Even though communities are social structures, many activities and connections in the community can be quantified. What’s the main actual value your community provides to its members?

As mentioned before, our community contains women who are interested in the field for personal development and business women in the field. That diversity allows the community to be a safe space for women for networking, sharing business opportunities alongside an Extensive knowledge base, at eye level. the community allows consultations and information sharing, Putting the pros and cons in every move while constantly learning.

Does your community have a business model that helps you grow it? Can you share the main income channels for the community?

Our business model was built in a way that serves our community members.

We have Business collaborations with real estate companies and companies that give different solutions in the industry, such as investments abroad or construction renovations. In addition, business women from the community join Nadlanista , Our community website, and that allows them to increase their exposure, network and collaborate in an environment tailored for their needs

What is the main difference between a community manager to a community entrepreneur?

In large corporates such as Waze, Sephora and others, you’ll find talented community managers, However, in our opinion, a community entrepreneur refers to social communities that have undergone a monetization process, since in such communities, the community entrepreneur is the person that builds the business model, with the vision and dream, including the implementation phase.

Can you give 3 tips for community entrepreneurs?

  • Dream big - A great vision will help you fulfill.

  • Do not be afraid of the monetization phase.

  • Don't be afraid to try. and make mistakes. every move you take, gets you closer to your success

Visit the community on Facebook

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