• Ricardo Sihman

2021: A Numerical Year for Comonetize

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Faced with a fragile political, economic and collective scenario around the world, largely due to the resumption of the increase in people infected by the new variants of the Covid-19 virus, the commercial world has had a negative impact on the number of jobs, sales, businesses and opportunities in 2021 overall.

Adversely, some companies saw a light of hope at the end of the tunnel and knew how to reinvent themselves, establishing new connections, designing new goals and expanding internally and, for us at Comonetize, it couldn't be different.

The Greek philosopher Plato once said that “numbers rule the world”, a theory that was later reused by the mathematician Pythagoras and reinterpreted in the future by contemporary society as “numbers do not lie”.

In this sense, it is almost obvious to say that this mentality is present in our work environment, as we firmly believe that success is achieved through a lot of dedication and effort and, in times of crisis like the one we are currently experiencing, creativity and daring are qualities that stand out in the attempt to reinvent and rebuild.

The fact is that, even with a period full of challenges, Comonetize stood out in the year 2021. It is with great pride that I announce that our family has surpassed the mark of 50,000 registered users on our platform, with a gross growth of 33.49% in the number of users who visited the website of at least one of our communities and, concomitantly, a significant increase of approximately 34.6% in new users.

While the expressive numbers do not cease to positively surprise us, there are no words to sufficiently thank the support of all the community leaders who trusted our work and unique modus operandi in the world of management, marketing and leadership business.

Finally, it is imperative to highlight that, despite a brilliant year of results and overcoming increasingly difficult challenges, we are always looking for more and more expressive numbers. Thus, in statistical terms, if we projected a "Naive" behavior, that is, if the expected growth is about the same for 2022, we would have more than 85,000 registered users on our platform. Our mindset, therefore, must be based on always improving each year and, for a correct and realistic projection, we use unbiased estimators for the standard deviation by the Least Squares and ARIMA method, with different levels of confidence (80% and 95%) and we concluded that the total number of registered members on Comonetize can even surpass the long-awaited barrier of 100,000 users. Lastly, with a long journey ahead, new relationships will be created, new concepts of community management will emerge and even more impressive numbers will appear in the current globalized scenario, just as the philosopher Plato predicted.

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