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“I can’t start to describe the amazing effect Comonetize had over my business. I really can’t. Within less than one year, my marketplace site has become the main channel for recruiting content and creative professionals in Israel. It’s paying my rent. It gives an amazing value to my community members who are happily paying the small membership fee I charge. They cover their annual membership price with one successful project.”

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Naor R. Narkis, leader of Tochenist community for content professionals

I realized how powerful the audience of professionals I gathered around me is, how valuable these people are for businesses that struggle to find the best contractors for their content projects.

We don’t always realize it, but a community is a marketplace. We exchange opinions, knowledge, and yes- opportunities too.

Since I’ve started my marketplace with Comonetize, thousands of people have joined it, more than 1000 projects were posted on our board, and more than 20,000 applications were sent to these projects.

I get fantastic feedback from my community members, and the most significant thing is that this marketplace draws many professionals that weren't even in my Facebook group.

It took about 2-3 months to get the wheel going, and it took some effort to move the recruiting activity to the site, but with the support of Comonetize’s team and their step by step guide, I was right on track quite fast.


I always tell the story of how I went on a diving trip to Sinai, and when I came out of the water, I realized that five more people just promoted their profiles. It was great! I built myself an asset that works for me with no investment but some time and effort. If you are an entrepreneur like me, if you have the motivation and the drive, Comonetize is definitely a tool you should consider.

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