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Create your membership site

Comonetize's special membership options

Comonetize enables you to easily and gradually start your membership site using our special tools. 

Unlike many other membership sites, your membership on Comonetize is not only for your teachings and courses but enables members to get clear business value on your marketplace. 

When you set up your website you get these 3 options:

  • You can let everyone join for free

  • you can decide your site is only for paying members

  • You can engage a special premium service membership when paying members get more value than the non-paying members.

Let's talk about the premium membership options:


Personalized community leader's offer: ​

you can add an offer for the premium member. the offer will be presented on the selection page


Promoted placement and badge: ​

Premium members will always be on top of the lists with a "premium" badge.

(You can't deselect this option)


Add links to your profile ​

Only paying members will have the option to add relevant links to their profile, strengthen their online assets SEO and drive traffiic to their sites.


Add photos or portfolio images

Only paying members will have the option to add photos, works and relevant images to their profile


Get recommendations

Only paying members will have the option to get recommendations from their peers


Show professional tags

Only paying members profiles will present professional tags for the directory visitors


Priority/exclusivity in applying for jobs and opportunities

You can define the number of days that an ad on the board is exclusive only to your paying customers. It's a great growth generator since the paying members get very דsignificant value over their peers.


Create special offers

Only paying members will be able to offer other members coupons, discounts, and get leads through your community.


Get contacted by WhatsApp

Only paying members will be able to get contacted by whatsapp

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