Community leader?

Turn your passion into income

  • Set a job board for your community
  • Create community members' index
  • Launch your own "marketplace of talent"
  • Make money while giving value
Curious about your value? 
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“These $2000 a month I made on Comonetize really gave me the boost I needed”

Naor Narkis, community leader, 
Tochenist community for content creators

“My community members have a new way to find jobs and earn more, and so do I.”

Yael Yaacovi, community leader, 
Yafutoo community for beauty professionals

What do you get with Comonetize?

Immediate monetization options: we collect the money and pay you when you choose

A data management dashboard

A branded community site 

up and running in a minute

A community members’ index 

with a variety of privacy and subscription options

A blog and 
an event board

An integrated newsletter system

A community board 

with an automated notification system for projects, jobs, announcements, etc.

A localized solution

Languages and currancy

We Are

Jobs for multilinguals in Israel

No paperwork, no credit card. 

We collect payments, we issue invoices.

You get paid whenever you choose.

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Comonetize success stories

Monetization Channels:

Index of your professionals

Membership subscription options

Community board (jobs/projects/etc)

Flexible payment pages

What do community members get?

A professional portfolio template

Great job and collaboration opportunities

Being in the know of the industry's news

You've got the control

Your branding

Your own branded website - your colors, your logo, your images. Your community members will feel right at home.

Your communication and  reach

Use our built-in newsletter system to reach your members with content and opportunities.

Your words

Share your wisdom and experience on the blog, invite your members to events and meetups.

Your data

Manage your community and your money using a professional dashboard and data management system.

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