Monetizing Communities
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Leading a community of professionals?

Community Monetization


You've invested so much in your community of professionals,
It's time you got a return on your investment.
Turn your community into a profitable business with our super-tools.

Start working

Your money

Charge recruiters for posting ads, allow your community members to support you, start now! and let us deal with collection issues.

Your tools

With no effort and no cost you'll have a branded site, job board, index of professionals, blog, newsletter system and an event board

Your data

Create an amazing index for your members where anyone can have a professional page, be the owner of your community's data.

Powerful tools

Your branding

Your own branded website - your colors, your logo, your images. Your community members will feel right at home.

Your reach

Use our built-in newsletter system to reach your members with content and opportunities. Reach them and create engagement

Your wisdom

Share your wisdom and experience on the blog, invite your members to events and meetups.