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About us

Comonetize is a comprehensive solution for community leaders.
It enables them to create a marketplace site and provide value and opportunities to the community members while making an income for themselves.

The setup is quick and easy.

You're invited to watch some tutorials here, go over our FAQ and even read our step by step guide to success


About the founder

I’m Gali Meiri, the founder of Comonetize.

A few years ago, I launched a local marketplace of talents with a unique business model, which has been my main and stable income channel ever since, with more than 100K registered users.


With this experience, I created Comonetize, which is a tool for community leaders like you to make money and turn your communities into profitable businesses.

We provide you with a flexible business model you select in a few clicks, a comprehensive solution, and full growth support.

I know a community can be a profitable business when it's treated professionally as a marketplace of talent, and I'm here to empower you through this journey.

Write us. We're always here:

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