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✔   Build a directory and a project board for your network
✔   Start your membership subscription site
✔   No need for Stripe/PayPal merchant account 

Easy, simple, watch how it's done


Turn your community into a laser-focused recruiting engine: 
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  Turn your community into a marketplace of talents or businesses

  Create a subscription site and a job board in just two minutes

  Monetize your community while providing value to your members


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* After reducing our commissions

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Yael, leader of make-up artists and beauticians community

“My community members have a new way to find jobs and earn more, and so do I.”

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Noa, leader of  foreign language speakers community

"Comonetize gave me the extra income, without having to bother about the charging of the clients "

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Naor, leading a community of content creators

“These $3000 a month I earn on Comonetize really gave me the boost I needed”

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Rinatya, leader of a community of learning development professionals

"Comonetize enabled me to provide value to my community members who are always on the hunt for new opportunities." 


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Monetization Channels:

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A directory or index of your professionals

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Community board (jobs/projects/etc)

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Flexible payment pages

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What do community members get?

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A professional portfolio template

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Great job and collaboration opportunities

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Being in the know of the industry's news

You've got control

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Your branding

Your own branded website - your colors, your logo, your images. Your community members will feel right at home.

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Your communication and  reach

Use our built-in newsletter system to reach your members with content and opportunities.

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Your words

Share your wisdom and experience on the blog, invite your members to events and meetups.

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Your data

Manage your community and your money using a professional dashboard and data management system.

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